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Saturday, 21 de April 2018





Both for the quality of its waters and sand, such as the beautiful landscapes that surround them, the numerous beaches and coves of Sanxenxo, constitute one of the main tourist attractions. Proof of this is that from the 24 beaches that exist in the municipality, 14 of them have the Blue Flag,  granted by the European Union.

A Lanzada: (2,300 m.) is located between the municipalities of Sanxenxo and O Grove. It ´s one of the most emblematic Galician beaches and one of the best for the quality of its sand and cleanliness of its waters.

Lapa: (450 m.) is situated in the Noalla parish. Fine sand beach, it has an intense swell that allows us to enjoy water sports.

Areas Gordas: (250 m.) shares the blue flag with the Lapa beach. For the quality of its waters, white and fine sand, although it might seem the contrary by its name, and the beauty of the surroundings.

A Nosa Señora: (50 m.) Small cove located at the foot of the A Lanzada hermitage. It´s the beach  of the famous fertility rite,  the nine waves bath,  the last August Sunday.

Foxos: (350 m.) situated in the parish of Noalla, is a beach of fine, white sand and strong swell. The upper part of the beach  is formed by sand dunes.

Major: (600 m.) is located in the place of the same name, with magnificent views to the island of Ons.

Pragueira: (350 m.) In its left side is Punta Faxilda, an excellent place to enjoy the stunning scenery of the area: Island of Ons, the end of Pontevedra Estuary, Punta Corveira,...

Bascuas: (200 m.) Single nudist beach of the municipality, situated between the beaches of Montalvo and Pragueira. Small cove composed of fine, white sand, windy and with moderate waves.

Montalvo: (1,000 m) located in the place of the same name, with swell that allows us to enjoy the practice of nautical sports (surfing, bodyboarding, …).  At the top of the beach there are sand dunes with extensive vegetation that separate the beach of the area of the pine grove,  equipped to prepare barbecues,  meals and snacks.

Paxariñas: (350 m.) is located between Punta Cabicastro and a small rocky outcrop called Punta Paxariñas. Beach of fine white sand, sheltered although windy with moderate waves.

Canelas: (380 m.) Located in a beautiful environment and limited by Punta Cabicastro. Beach of fine white sand, with a small stretch of sand dunes in the upper part of the beach.

Caneliñas: (100 m.) Beach located in the village of Portonovo, a beautiful place with panoramic views of the inner part of the  Pontevedra estuarie.

Baltar: (600 m.) Beach located in Portonovo , on one side the Punta Vicano and on the other the marina of Portonovo. With fine white sand, windy and with calm waters.

Silgar: (700 m.) situated in the center of Sanxenxo, between the Marina Juan Carlos I and Punta Vicano. Beach of urban character.

Panadeira: (100 m.) Small cove located in the historic part of Sanxenxo.

Carabuxeira: (200 m.) urban beach located in Sanxenxo, with fine white sand. Protected by the Marina of Sanxenxo has calm waters.

Nanin: (200 m.) situated in the place of Nanin, is a small cove that is separated from the beach of Areas by a small rocky point.

Areas: (720 m.) situated in the parishes of Bordóns and Dorrón is located in a beautiful environment.


Agra: (250 m.) situated in the  Dorrón parish. It is a small sandy beach of fine white sand, located at the left  of Cabo Festinanzo , which shelters it from the wind and swell.