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Thursday, 22 de February 2018

Festivities [en]

Festivities [en]

Festivities [en]


All the year round the are festivities of different kinds in the municipality:

Gastronomic festivities:

 Pig ear celebration  (January  17 - Adina)

 Pig head  celebration ( 2nd weekend of January - Bordóns)

Ray celebration  (First May - Portonovo) (are granted two ray of gold, to a person from the village and another outside for its work).

Crumb celebration (First  saturday in August - Revolta)

Oyster celebration (2nd weekend of August - A Lanzada)

Honey Fair (from August 24 to September 5 - Sanxenxo) (in the opening they give a free honey tasting )

Onion Celebration (September 4 - Sanxenxo) (with  competition for the largest onion , figures made with onions and give two onions in gold, for a person from the village and another from outside)

Fair of Galician products (First weekend of August - Montalvo)

Grape Harvest celebration (First  Saturday in October - Dorrón)

Bean stew celebration (weekend  closest to December 6 - Nantes)


Patron Saint

San Amaro (15 and January 16 - Arra (Portonovo))

San Antonio (January 17 - Adina)

San Antonio (First weekend of May -Aios(Noalla))

San Antonio (June 13 - Port of Sanxenxo)

Con da Ventureira (Easter Monday)

San Juan (24 and 25 June - Chapel of Aios (Noalla))

San Juan and Santa Ana (23, 24 and June 25 – O Santo (Nantes))

San Pedro and San Antonio (28 and June 29 - Vilalonga)

San Cristobal (weekend closest to  June 10 - Portonovo)

Virgin del Carmen (July 16 - Baltar (Portonovo))

Virgen del Carmen (July 16 - Vilalonga)

San Roque and San Cristobal (weekend  19 and July 20 - Vilalonga)

San Antonio and El Carmen (weekend of the 19 and July 20 - Dorron)

Virgen del Carmen (24 and July 25 - Noalla)

San Roque (from the 14 to August 18 - Portonovo)

San Xenxo and Tourist Day (August 24 and 25 - Sanxenxo) (on  August 25 is celebrated the “Tourist day” and is distributed sardines, bread and wine free 

Virgen de los Dolores and San Roque (last weekend of August - Dorrón)

Santa Rosalia and the Carmen (from 3 to 5 September - Sanxenxo)

Nosa Señora da Lanzada (last weekend of August - A Lanzada)

San Miguel ( October 10 and 11 - Adina)

Santa Catalina (weekend of the November 29 - Portonovo) 

Santa Eulalia and San Antonio (weekend of  December 6 - Nantes)

Santa Barbara (First Sunday in December - Aios)

San Tome (December 21 - Gondar (Vilalonga))

San Esteban (December 26 - Noalla)

San Juan (December 27 – Dorrón)