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Thursday, 22 de February 2018



The undisputed king of the gastronomy in Sanxenxo, as good fishing village, is the seafood and fish. In the village we can find both at the auction, and subsequently in the fishmarkets, seafood and fish of excellent quality. In addition, the wide range of food & beverage offers the opportunity to explore and discover better each flavor. To the sea there are products to add as the fruit and vegetables, as well as the Galician meat with origin denomination. In this section we cannot ignore the “empanada” (Galician pie), nor the famous “tarta de Santiago” ( St. James almond cake) as well as the quality of bread and cheese.


And without a doubt, nothing better to accompany these delicacies that a wine  with certificate of origin  Rias Baixas, developed in any of the wineries scattered throughout the municipality.

Gastronmy tourism – creation of the brand;  "Sanxenxo, tasting".


Within the Tourism brand of Sanxenxo, S. L. “ Sanxenxo DEGUSTA” (Sanxenxo tasting), the society for municipal tourism management of mixed character of the municipality intends to create new gastronomic tourism products in the municipality of Sanxenxo. Two of the products created so far are:

SANXENXO DEgusta TAPAS                     SANXENXO DEGUSTAción