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Thursday, 22 de February 2018

Legends and Traditions

Legends and Traditions

Legends and Traditions

The oldest of the legends is, since ancient times in Sanxenxo with different nuances and components,  undoubtedly related to the rites or cults to the fertility, that have as scenario the hermitage and beach of A Lanzada.

The popular belief says that the women willing to overcome the sterility  has to go to the beach of A Lanzada on the last Saturday in August, undergo a bath at midnight  under the  moonlight , during  nine waves, to treat her infertility and implore to the Mother of God that liberates her from the "meigallo", the evil eye.

At  dawn, after  the nine waves bath, the devotees go to the chapel, pass by the high altar  sweeping with a broom, and end the visit with a offering. The favors that are usually ordered are  the fisherman protection, protection for all types of nerve diseases and fertility. The festivity culminates with the procession of the saint.

Within the same belief, there is the legend of the fertility with a  sunbath in the rock known as the bed of the Virgin.

O Con da Ventureira

In the parish of Padrinan is the O Con da Ventureira. The neighbors of Sanxenxo celebrate the pilgrimage on Easter Monday. The legend says  that every 100 years on the San Juan  night comes out of the rock a moor woman of extraordinary beauty, that promise big riches and treasures,  to a handsome young man  to  go with her inside the rock. The true intention of the lady, is to enclose he for  getting to change its so desirable freedom.

A tunnel under the water ...

As a result of the isolation experienced by the inhabitants of Ons during long months, the stories, legends, songs and superstitions are deeply rooted.

One of them is the one that says that there is an underwater tunnel that connects the island with the hermitage of Nuestra Señora de A Lanzada. They say that formerly some sailors discovered a few galleries when they where fishing  crabs.

The Sun boat:

By an optical phenomenon, when the sun sets and very little time remains for disappear into the horizon if there is mist on this, the solar disk is lengthened and for a little over a minute acquires the profile of fire color boat hull. The neighbors of Noalla call this phenomenon "The Sun boat".