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Thursday, 22 de February 2018

Turismo de Sanxenxo [en]

Turismo de Sanxenxo [en]

Turismo de Sanxenxo

"Turismo de Sanxenxo, S. L" is the first local tourism management company of mixed nature in the province of Pontevedra, owned by the municipality of Sanxenxo (75% of the social capital) and the Tourist Businesses Consortuim of Sanxenxo (CETS) (with 25% of the social capital), created for the tourism promotion of the municipality.


Entity responsible for the continuous improvement of Sanxenxo as a tourist destination as well as the dissemination of their values on the outside, with launching  professional  tourism strategies and establishing partnerships between the public and private sectors, who shall prepare  the tourism strategy of Sanxenxo , thus participating in the evolution of the main economic engine of the municipality.


Its creation and initial start-up means an achievement persecuted for a long time and the results of its correct operation gives a positive impact for the promotion and marketing of Sanxenxo as a tourist quality destination, in the creation of new tourist products and diversification among others, contributing in the search of new  alternative markets to the already consolidated sun and beach tourism. This is, in sum, the most important advance in the tourism field in recent years. The governing heads of this society are the chairpersons Catalina Gonzalez Bea, Mayor of Sanxenxo,  Vice President Salvador Duran,  two representatives of  CETS , three representatives of the government group. The other governing head is the general assembly, the chairperson is also the Mayor of Sanxenxo, with representation of CETS, the opposition parties, and six members of the government team.



Tourism of Sanxenxo, S. L. has as primary objective the promotion and management of the tourism in Sanxenxo; projecting the image of Sanxenxo on the outside as a  quality destination increasing the economic impact of tourism in the municipality and sensitizing the local population of the importance of tourism.

As example, detailing the following purposes:

Plan and manage the tourism development of Sanxenxo.

Spread all the attractions that presents Sanxenxo by  all appropriate ways.

Achieve a more balanced tourist structure, capable of creating wealth, economic development and employment for the municipality.

Promote and commercialize Sanxenxo as first order  tourist destination, achieving a better national and international positioning and a greater diversification.

Coordinate the necessary municipal tourist services and take action in the one established by other entities, agencies or individuals in order to fit together its performance or improve its operation.

Promote the professionalization of the sector, for a quality  promotion  supply and to raise awareness of the local businesses.

Make more powerful the brand of Sanxenxo.

Creation and development of new tourism products, as well the consolidation and strengthening of the existing ones.

As a channel of all kinds of public or private initiatives, for the expansion and improvement of the tourist services.

Manage, propose and perform any other action that could contribute to the promotion of cultural tourism in Sanxenxo through the creation of new tourist resources.


Contribute to the maintenance and defense of the landscape, the local architecture and the purity, safety and beauty of the environment, seeking a sustainable development.